10 Ways to Ensure a Fun Summer Season (For parents & kids)

10 Ways to Ensure a Fun Summer Season (For parents & kids)

10 Ways to Ensure a Fun Summer Season (For parents & kids)

School breaks and holidays are always a blast for kids, but for parents, it can be the epitome of pandemonium. Balancing work and other responsibilities with taking care of the kiddos can be quite the task, but it doesn’t have to be overly difficult. These 10 tips will help you simultaneously retain your sanity and keep your children entertained all while enjoying the holiday break.

1. Plan out activities. Planning your days will minimize the static, as well as the time spent sitting around and doing nothing. The kids will enjoy the activities, and you’ll appreciate the feeling of organization.

2. Don’t wear your kids out with back-to-back activities. While organization matters, it’s a good idea to remember your children will need downtime every once in a while. Sometimes, it just makes sense to let them have a bit of screen or nap time.

3. Buy school supplies for next year early. You probably already know this, but school shopping can be extremely stressful if done in the few weeks prior to the start of school. Cut the lines, the headaches, and the retail markup but doing your shopping early in the year.

4. Keep tabs on the activities you have planned. Too many trips to theme parks, shopping centers, and vacation areas, can leave you in a financial bind. Never forget that even a simple trip to the park can be the perfect day in your child’s eyes.

5. Go easy on the club and camp memberships. Breaks and holidays are meant to also be spent with family, so be sure to get in as much bonding as possible during this opportune time.

6. Find ways for your kids to be involved in your day-to-day tasks. Even though your children are out of school, laundry will still have to be done and grocery store trips will still have to be made. Get your kiddos involved with helping you complete these daily tasks. These can be great learning opportunities for them.

7. Plan for a few lazy days at home. Not every day will be filled with surprises, trips, or nonstop fun. Prepare for those off days by renting movies, finding a neat craft to do, or hosting a sleepover.

8. Stock the essentials. Before your break or summer holiday kicks off, stock up on bug spray, sunscreen cream, OTC medicine, and band aids.

9. Try to get your kids into important doctor’s appointments during this time. You know as well as any other parent that landing an appointment outside of school hours is nearly impossible. This is why it’s a good idea to get significant appointments and obligations out of the way during school holidays.

10. Be more lax than usual about bedtime and waking hours. It is a school holiday after all; one of the best parts about it is staying up late and sleeping in! However, be sure to start transitioning your kids back to normal schedules roughly a week or two before school starts.

Most of all, it’s important to make sure everyone has fun and stays safe!

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