4 Innovations That Impact Your Child’s Next Visit To The Dentist

4 Innovations That Impact Your Child's Next Visit To The Dentist

4 Innovations That Impact Your Child’s Next Visit To The Dentist

Many Houston Pediatric dentists are likely to agree that there are new innovations that have forever changed pediatric dental care. These can each, in their own way, make a trip to the dentist a bit less stressful for children and adults alike.

1. Dental Sealants

These are a thin plastic coating that gets applied to the teeth on the grooves of the chewing surface. Dental sealants are used to better protect the patient’s teeth from tooth decay. They are expected to last between 5 to 10 years. It provides a great amount of dental protection to children now and as they get older.

2. Toothpaste Flavors And Themes For Kids

When a child is having fun brushing, the whole experience has gone from being a chore to being a fun daily activity. Looking at the Crest brand alone, they feature toothpaste themes that include Sesame Street, Disney Princess, and the Marvel Avengers. The toothpastes now also come in a variety of flavors that are child-friendly instead of the traditional harsher tasting minty flavors.

3. Toothbrushes Made For Children

Children’s tooth brushing can become a family activity. Parents can help their youngsters learn the correct way to brush. A toothbrush that is designed especially for a child is easier for small hands to handle. They also come in colorful shapes to help make brushing more fun for a child.

4. Education And Preventative Dental Care

Every effort is being made by today’s dentists to help educate children and their parents about proper oral health. It is important that children learn how to take good care of their gums and teeth in between regular dental check-ups. The next visit to the dentist can be more pleasant for the pediatric patient and the entire family, too.

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