Your Child’s Oral Health and Holiday Travels

Your Child’s Oral Health and Holiday Travels

Houston, the Holiday Season is here! It isn’t uncommon for families to fly abroad for trips to museums, historic landmarks and beyond. It isn’t unusual for families to visit relatives for a bit of relaxation and bonding. It doesn’t matter what households decide to do during their free weeks. It almost always involves having a blast.

The holidays is all about joy. That’s why it’s not unusual for families to forget about the value of proper oral hygiene practices.  So it is critical for families to concentrate on in-depth flossing and toothbrushing regardless of their holiday whereabouts. Children sometimes are reluctant to brush when they’re particularly fatigued after long days of thrills and recreational activities. That’s the reason their parents have to keep close tabs on their oral hygiene practices. If you want to motivate the people in your family to prioritize oral health during the holidays, there are various approaches you can test out.

It can help to select a designated toothbrush that’s exclusive to the holiday season. If you want kids in your family to be eager to brush, it can help to get them brushes that exhilarate them. Themed toothbrushes can be bit hits with youngsters. Toothbrushes in eye-catching colors can in many cases be big hits with them, too. A small child may be a lot more inclined to use a neon pink or blue toothbrush. You should do anything and everything you can to motivate the little ones in your life to brush a minimum of two times per day no matter what.

It can also help to eat balanced and nutritious meals during your holiday trip even though doing so may initially seem difficult. It can be simple to give in to the pleasures of fast food, quick snacks, dessert and the like. Doing so can wreak havoc onto your family’s oral health, however. If you want to treat your teeth well all summer long, you should steer clear of junk foods, candies, fruit juices and sodas whenever you can. If you occasionally make the decision to eat foods that are less than ideal for oral health, that’s fine as well. Just do your part by brushing and flossing diligently without delay.

Brush your teeth any time the chance emerges. If you’re going to be on an airplane with your family for hours and hours on end, you should schedule a couple of brushing and flossing sessions. If you’re going to be on a lengthy road trip, you should make a point to drive to rest stops for brushing as well. Remember, in-depth brushing sessions can do away with remnants of food that may be trapped inside of youngsters’ teeth. Food remnants can make people a lot more susceptible to decay and cavities.

It’s crucial to brush teeth meticulously at night. It doesn’t matter how late you get back. You have to see to it that everyone in your family brushes well. Failure to brush and floss can be a recipe for disaster. You should try to cautiously monitor your kids as they brush at night as well. If they’re exhausted and worn out, they may make the mistake of neglecting to brush certain sections of the teeth. Set a positive example. If your kids see you prioritizing brushing and flossing during your hectic and jam-packed vacation, they may just follow suit.

Happy Holidays from Greater Houston Pediatric Dentistry!

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