Establishing a Great Relationship with Your Child’s Dentist

Pediatric Dentist for Infants

Establishing a Great Relationship with Your Child’s Dentist

If you want to ensure that your children have good oral health then there are several things that you need to do. It all starts from the time that they’re a baby. Make sure that you use a hand towel to clean their gums after every feeding, whether they’re drinking formula or breast milk.

Eventually, your baby will outgrow the bottle and move on to solid foods. This typically occurs at 6 months of age and older. At this point, your baby will start to grow a tooth and you’ll need to use a finger brush to clean it. The finger brush is rubber, features soft bristles and is designed to be worn on your index finger. Gently brush your baby’s gum, teeth, and tongue.

The next stage takes place after your child has turned 1 year old. This is when he or she needs to be seen by a Houston Pediatric Dentist. Our practices are solely dedicated to treating children. We are referred to as pediatric dentists. We treat children from infancy until their late teens.

The best pediatric dentists will make sure to establish a relationship that’s built on trust with your child. The goal is to build a rapport with them as soon as possible so that our office is a place that they actually enjoy visiting. This ensures that your child will always associate their visits with a positive experience.

One of the most important steps in making sure that your child develops good oral hygiene is focusing on preventative care. Specifically, it’s teaching them all of the necessary steps that can help them to avoid cavities. If your child does develop a cavity then it’s a good idea to schedule a visit so that it can be treated right away. Ideally, the dentist should coach you on the best ways to prepare your child for the appointment so that they’re as comfortable as possible.

In most instances, the procedure will begin with the pediatric dentist applying paste or numbing cream to the gums. The pediatric dentist will then let it sit for 10 minutes or until the area is numb. Once the child has little to no feeling in their gums, the pediatric dentist will then inject novocaine to further numb the area and ensure that they don’t feel the pain.

Our main goal is to ensure that your children feel at home in our office. Teeth examinations should never cause anxiety. The staff at our pediatric dental practice can offer more specifics about how you can prevent cavities as well as make suggestions about your everyday oral hygiene. It’s important that your child sees a specialist. And it’s crucial that they see them at an early age.

At Greater Houston Pediatric Dentistry, your baby’s first dental examination is complimentary by age 1.  Please make your appointment today and let us care for your child’s oral health and dental well-being.

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