Pediatric Dental Services

Comprehensive Houston pediatric dental services

Routine Visits


Your child will receive a thorough exam by a pediatric dentist.  We listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and give you guidance on how we can work together with your family at home.


Our Registered dental hygienist or doctor will remove buildup, stains, and polish your child’s teeth.


A varnish will be applied. This may leave a clear film on your child’s teeth and may last for a few hours. We recommend waiting 30 minutes for food, drinks, and rinsing. Also, no brushing that evening. Fluoride helps strengthen tooth enamel.

Digital radiographs

Pictures will be taken on an individual basis, as needed. Our digital radiographs are safer than traditional films.  We follow guidelines set forth by the AAPD for prescribing radiographs.

Oral hygiene instructions

We take time to show your child proper brushing and flossing. We can also advise on techniques to help with your child’s home care.

Cosmetic dentistry


Take-home custom bleaching trays are offered for teenagers.

White crowns

We offer a variety of white crowns, including the all-new, all-white zirconia crowns. The doctor will advise if this is recommended for your child.

Esthetic bonding

Mal shaped teeth, fractured teeth, old fillings, and brown spots can all be treated with bonded resins (Fillings).

Pediatric partials

If your child is missing their front teeth, we can replace them with a natural-looking partial that is bonded in. These are not removable and will be removed before the new teeth start growing in.


From falls to bike accidents, trauma can leave your child with a chipped or displaced tooth. We can help make your child’s tooth look as good as new!

Non-invasive white spot treatment

We use the latest materials to treat white and brown spots on permanent teeth.

Laser dentistry

Our modern dental laser can treat conditions on the lips, gums and other soft tissues around the teeth. It is a usually a quick procedure and is a conservative way to treat certain conditions.


Ulcers can be removed with this minimally invasive technique.

Tongue tie

The laser can relieve a tongue-tie in an infant to help with feeding or to help aid with speech in a child


The frenum (a muscle attachment) is sometimes too thick and can cause a gap between the front teeth. Ask our doctor if this procedure is recommended for your child.

Early dental visits


The AAPD recommends that a child visit the dentist by the age of 1.  This is more of a visit for the parents so we can discuss dental development and growth, home care, nutrition, habits, etc.

Early childhood decay

Childhood caries is on the rise. Our job as pediatric dentists is to help prevent cavities from forming. The good news is that cavities can be treated. We have the training, expertise, and skills to give your little one the best care.

Sedation dentistry

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)

This helps your child to relax so that we can communicate with them and work together to complete treatment. They are always given 100% oxygen afterwards and are free to return to school or normal activities afterwards.

Light sedation

Oral sedation is a light conscious sedation that is completed in the office. Vital signs are monitored the entire time, and your child’s safety is our top priority.

Deep sedation

IV sedation is a deep conscious sedation that is also completed in the office with an anesthesiologist.  His job is to monitor your child the entire time while the dentist completes the treatment. Again, your child’s safety is our top priority

Hospital dentistry

We also offer treatment in the hospital under general anesthesia.  This is completed as an outpatient surgery, where your child can go home the same day. Dr. Luu is on staff at Memorial Hermann Children’s Hospital.


BPA-free Sealants

These are recommended on permanent molars with deep pits and grooves to help prevent cavities from forming.

Fluoride Prescription toothpaste

The dentist may recommend a special toothpaste to use at home for children who are at a higher risk for developing cavities.

Space maintainers

When a baby tooth falls out early, teeth can shift to close the space. We can fabricate “retainers” to help hold teeth in place so that they do not shift.  This will help preserve as much space as possible for the new tooth underneath.

Habit appliances

We counsel parents and offer suggestions on how to stop habits (thumb, pacifier, finger habit) at home. When these methods do not work, special appliances can be fabricated to help stop the habit and prevent unfavorable jaw growth.

Restorative Treatment


Stainless steel crowns and White Zirconia crowns.

White fillings

Our tooth-colored fillings are mercury-free

Pulp treatment

For baby teeth and permanent teeth

Emergency care

  • Trauma
  • Toothache
  • Facial Swelling
After-hours on call team

Our doctors can be reached 24 hours for emergencies.