Why is choosing a pediatric dentist a better option for your child?

How to Ensure Your Child is Ready for a Visit to the Houston Pediatric Dentist

Why is choosing a pediatric dentist a better option for your child?

It’s common knowledge that dentists specialize in oral health. However, just like you take your newborn to a pediatric doctor you want to take your child to a pediatric dentist. Pediatric dentists are best suited for babies, children and adolescents, as they provide age-specific oral care.

Having an expert for this age span is imperative as the jaw, teeth, and facial structures grow more rapidly during birth to adolescence years. You want a dentist that can identify key issues that arise in children during these years as opposed to regular dentists that may not be as familiar with these common issues.

Let’s continue to take a look below at the top four reasons why you should seek a Houston pediatric dentist.

More Familiar With Developmental Patterns

The doctors at Greater Houston Pediatric Dentistry are knowledgeable in the oral development patterns of children. They can typically identify any possible complications with teeth. These include problems with wisdom teeth, the front canine teeth, and any misalignment issues.

Remember that during childhood, children lose their baby teeth and their permanent ones start growing in. During this growth process, there is a higher possibility of oral health complications. Having a trained specialist who solely deals with identifying and treating these issues is important to your child’s health.

More Kid-Friendly Atmosphere

Going to the dentist is typically viewed as an unpleasant experience. However, it doesn’t have to be for your children. Our pediatric dental offices place special attention into making their facilities kid-friendly. Our waiting areas include bright colors and games for children. In addition, the staff at our pediatric dental clinic are specifically trained to ease anxiety.

More Child-Specific Dental Knowledge

As a new parent, you may not be sure of all the recommended practices for keeping your child’s oral hygiene in good shape. Speaking with a pediatric dentist can be informative. From practices including brush and flossing recommendations to sharing with you how some oral bacteria spreads, the knowledge from your pediatric dentist is vital. We are here to instruct you along the way as your child gets older.

Treating Decay-Issues Early

Children’s teeth are more susceptible to decay than adult teeth. If proper oral hygiene wasn’t followed in the past a child could be starting to show signs of tooth decay. If left untreated, this will cause major issues into adulthood. Pediatric dentists are highly trained to curb these decay issues early with the use of modified root canals, fluoride applications, and dental sealants.

Choosing a pediatric dentist is your first step in securing your child’s oral health. While general dentists do a fine job, pediatric can offer a more suitable treatment experience for your child.  Call Greater Houston Pediatric Dentistry today and schedule your child’s dental visit.  We accept many insurance plans including Medicaid.

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