Why Visting a Pediatric Dentist is Important

Why Visting a Pediatric Dentist is Important

Why Visting a Pediatric Dentist is Important

Between birth and early adulthood is the time when the teeth, jaws and other facial structures grow the most. Because of this, your child needs to see a Houston pediatric dentist on a regular basis. A pediatric dentist is a professional who specializes in oral care for both young children and adolescents. They have extensive knowledge concerning childhood dental issues and the ways they relate to the health of a child. Oral care is important at all stages of life and the doctors at Bunker Hill Pediatric Dentistry will help them maintain great care for their teeth.

Consider these four reasons why selecting a pediatric dentist is the best choice when it comes to your child’s oral health:

#1. A pediatric dentist can provide patients with their expertise and knowledge of every single phase of a child’s oral development. From the baby stage of getting teeth to the young pre-teen years of losing teeth, your child will experience the arrival and departure of all of their baby teeth, as well as the arrival of their permanent ones. The whole process is one that is normal and part of life, but unfortunately, there are complications that can occur. For example, some front canine teeth may come in slightly crooked, which will affect not only their smile but their bite. An impacted wisdom tooth can cause pain and problems with the alignment of the teeth. Our Houston pediatric dentists are familiar with different developmental patterns of every age and will be able to quickly access and diagnose any problems.

#2. A pediatric dentist will have the right techniques to treat any decay that is related to childhood. Unfortunately, children are way more apt to dealing with tooth decay than an adult. Since primary tooth decay can lead to issues with their dental health years later, it is important to deal with the problem as soon as possible. A knowledgeable pediatric dentist will know how to administer treatments that will help the primary teeth in the long run. These techniques include fluoride treatments, dental sealants and modified root canal treatments.

#3. A pediatric dental office will cater to kids because they are aware of how scary and intimidating a visit to the dentist can be. Most pediatric waiting rooms, including the one at Bunker Hill Pediatric Dentistry, are designed with kids in mind. They are bright, cheerful and happy and usually have lots of activities to help keep kids busy and occupied while they are waiting. In addition to our doctors, our staff is also trained in dealing with children. They will help to keep them at ease before, during and after the appointment.

#4. A Houston pediatric dentist can give you advice on how to care for your child’s teeth from the start. It is important for even a small baby to take care of their teeth, although a parent will be in charge at that point. Most baby teeth start coming in around six months and continue. A pediatric dentist and their staff will show you how to brush and floss your child’s teeth for them until they know how to do it properly on their own. You’ll also be given advice on the things that can negatively affect your child’s dental health. For example, giving your child a sippy cup with juice at night can leave a sugary residue on their teeth all night long, causing decay to the teeth.

Bunker Hill Pediatric Dentist is staffed by board certified pediatric dentists and we are located in the Memorial City/Bunker Hill area.  We offer free exams for children under the age of one and accept most dental insurance plans. Please call us at 713-464-5437 to schedule your child’s exam.

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